3 February 2022

Willem II equipped with charging stations – PowerGo

Visitors of the Koning Willem II Stadion with an electric car can now use the nine brand new chargers that were recently placed in front of the stadium, in collaboration with PowerGo and Ecotap.

Willem II is a soccer club in the Netherlands, in the province of Noord-Brabant. Both during a visit to Willem II and Bonheur Horeca Groep, visitors can use the charging stations during midweeks and weekends. The placement of the charging stations was made possible by DHL, social partner of Willem II.

Through the Go Green policy, DHL contributes to Willem II’s goal of shipping CO2 neutral orders. Willem II can now do this with his own hands; DHL has made an electric car (‘Streetscooter’) available to the club on the occasion of the opening of the charging stations. This Streetscooter is also used by Willem II to visit schools and other partners in the city and surroundings.

PowerGo Willem II

Michel Clausing (DHL), Nicky Foesenek (Bonheur Horeca Groep), Joost Kampshoff (Ecotap), Ivo van Dam (PowerField), Stéphanie Ganzeboom (DHL), Jos de Kruif (Willem II), Suzanne Albregts (Willem II Betrokken).

Picture: Toin Damen, Willem II

”DHL has the largest electric fleet in the Netherlands of 1400 electric cars, which will be expanded by more than 400 in 2022. The goal of DHL is to make all deliveries with our own fleet completely CO2 neutral by 2025 on the basis of our Go Green policy. We are therefore proud that we can achieve our joint goals together with Willem II,” says Michel Clausing of DHL.

Ivo van Dam, CTO of PowerGo en PowerField: ”The realization of the charging stations at the Koning Willem II Stadion is a milestone in our ambitions to roll out a network of 5000 fast charging stations in Europe in the coming years. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the service for all visitors to the stadium, with 100% green electricity from PowerField’s own Dutch solar parks.”

Jos de Kruif, commercial manager of Willem II: ”Electric driving is becoming increasingly popular. It is therefore very important that we can tap into this in collaboration with Bonheur, DHL, PowerGo and Ecotap and provide this service to our sponsors and guests. It also fits well with the ‘Go Green’ goals of our social partner DHL. In short, a win-win situation for all involved.”


Two types of chargers have been installed in the design of the charging station. This concerns one DC180 Fast Ecotap charger (2x 90 KW CCS) and eight Duo Wide Ecotap chargers.