14 March 2024

The EV Report | PLUS and PowerGo Add Supermarket Fast Charging

Supermarket chain PLUS and Charge Point Operator PowerGo have announced a partnership to install fast charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) at PLUS locations across the Netherlands. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the shopping experience by offering customers the convenience of charging their EVs with 100% solar energy while they shop.

Key Highlights:

  • Partnership between PLUS and PowerGo aims to install fast EV charging stations at supermarket locations.
  • Chargers range from 50 to 320 kilowatts (kW), ensuring a full charge during a shopping visit.
  • Sustainable charging is supported by integrated battery systems in areas with grid congestion and dynamic pricing.
  • First installations are planned for around 20 PLUS supermarkets, with more to follow.
  • PowerGo’s fast chargers are powered by 100% solar energy, emphasizing sustainability.
  • PLUS focuses on sustainability in its operations, including energy-efficient store designs and solar-paneled distribution centers.

This initiative not only enhances the shopping experience by adding value through convenience but also aligns with both companies’ commitments to sustainability and renewable energy.

Sustainable Fast Charging with Dynamic Prices

PowerGo addresses the Netherlands’ congested electricity network by incorporating charging stations with integrated battery systems. This innovative solution stores energy for later use, easing grid pressure during peak times. Additionally, the introduction of dynamic pricing offers customers transparent and fair charging costs, encouraging EV charging when cleaner energy is available at lower prices.

First Charging Locations

The rollout begins with approximately 20 PLUS supermarkets, including a notable installation in Klazienaveen featuring a 320 kW fast charger. This marks the start of an ambitious plan to make sustainable fast charging widely accessible to the public.

Ivo van Dam of PowerGo expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to expand the sustainable charging network, emphasizing customer-focused benefits like ease of use and sustainability. Björn Bertrand of PLUS highlighted the supermarket’s commitment to sustainability, not just in product offerings but also through operational practices, viewing the installation of charging stations as a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

About PowerGo and PLUS

PowerGo, a subsidiary of PowerField, specializes in green charging solutions, aiming to make sustainable mobility accessible to all. With a growing international network, PowerGo supports renewable energy use through its solar-powered charging points.

PLUS Retail, with around 400 stores nationwide, focuses on contributing positively to society through sustainable food production and operations, underscoring a shared responsibility towards a greener future.

This partnership between PLUS and PowerGo demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to business, customer service, and environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for others in the retail and energy sectors.