30 April 2024

Sustainability Report

We are proud to publish our first Sustainability Report for parent company PowerField and PowerGo. In the report we reflect on our business conduct and look ahead to the challenges in the energy transition. Publishing this report is an important step towards the sustainable and transparent growth of our organizations.  

In the report we look back on our highlights, including: 

  • Signing the international RBC agreement for the renewable energy sector. 
  • Commissioning five new solar parks for generating renewable energy. 
  • Commissioning 546 new charging points for a total of 1.001 charging points to make the transition to sustainable mobility a reality. 
  • Steps taken to improve biodiversity on and around our solar parks. 
  • Our impact on local communities.
"At PowerField and PowerGo, I am fortunate to play a role in advancing our ESG efforts. Our dedication to ESG is driven by a desire to contribute positively to future generations. Whether it's through the renewable energy technologies we offer, biodiversity promoting measures taken at our solar parks, or our impact on local communities, our aim is to contribute to a ripple effect of positive change."

Jeroen Gjaltema, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Manager

PowerField & PowerGo Sustainability Report

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