19 January 2023

Restaurant Schierzicht expands facilities   

For several years, restaurant Schierzicht offers dining in the harbour of Lauwersoog, overlooking the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. Besides offering a place to dine and spend the night, Schierzicht is further expanding its facilities: since the end of 2022, guests can charge their electric vehicle at PowerGo’s charging stations.    

At the parking lot, two charging stations have been installed, where four cars can charge at the same time. Drivers of electric vehicles can charge with 100% solar energy from Dutch soil

At Schierzicht, hospitality and accessibility are of great importance. Offering guests the opportunity to charge their electric vehicle fits well with this principle. Theo Gerdes, director of Schierzicht: “There are still relatively few opportunities to charge an electric vehicle in Lauwersoog. By facilitating charging stations at Schierzicht, visiting Lauwersoog becomes more attractive for people. Thereby, it was a great advantage for us that PowerGo fully took on the investment of the charging stations.” 

PowerGo chargers at Schierzicht Lauwersoog

Furthermore, Schierzicht is planning additional expansion of the lodge. Theo Gerdes: ”We want to double the number of hotel rooms, as the guesthouse is running above expectations. We are excited about what the future holds for us. We expect that the charging stations will positively benefit us and our guests!”    

PowerGo chargers at Schierzicht Lauwersoog
PowerGo laadpalen bij Schierzicht Lauwersoog

Also interested in charging stations, without having to invest yourself? Feel free to contact us.