Public Charging

Charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) are indispensable for visitors, customers or employees of a location. Realizing (fast) charging points for public charging ensures that the loyalty of existing customers at a location is increased and new visitors are attracted. 

Full solution for the location owner 

With PowerGo’s (fast) charging points, the owner of a location does not have to make any investment. PowerGo is happy to facilitate this at its own expense and risk. The PowerGo location partner benefits from the proceeds from the charging stations. PowerGo provides an accurate automatic refund solution, backed by completely clean and renewable energy, with speed and accuracy. This is an important factor when comparing PowerGo’s capabilities to those of its competitors. 

PowerGo offers a solution that takes care of everything, including maintenance and service of the locations. Together with the location owner, a mix of different charging stations can be chosen. Sometimes AC charging stations are suitable, sometimes DC charging stations (fast chargers) are better or sometimes a combination of both. PowerGo provides the best maintenance and service experience through 24-hour support and customer support. Up-to-date and user-friendly technology for the user is central to the service. 


AG EMS laadpaal

A mix of charging stations (AC and DC) has been installed at the AG EMS ferry service 

laadpalen Corda Campus

Fast chargers at Corda Campus

Sustainable charging 

The (fast) charging points are supplied with sustainable energy from solar parks. In this way, the location owner makes an important contribution to the energy transition and CO2 emissions in transport are substantially reduced. The option of charging with sustainable energy gives a location a professional appearance and contributes to a sustainable image. 

Another advantage is that PowerGo is happy to offer the location owner co-branded charging stations or fully-branded charging stations. This allows the location to easily benefit from new branding opportunities and additional publicity. 

PowerGo takes care of everything. Are you interested or do you have any questions? We like to help you. Please feel free to contact us. 

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PowerGo charging points at partners Jumbo Supermarkten, Basic-Fit and solar park Oppenhuizen