Koning Willem II Stadion

Visitors to the Koning Willem II Stadion in the city of Tilburg can use several PowerGo charging stations since 2022

During a visit to the nearby Bonheur Horeca Group as well as a visit to the Willem II soccer club, electric vehicles can be charged at the charging stations. Eight charging points have been installed, where 16 electric vehicles can be charged simultaneously, along with a 180-kilowatt fast charger with two charging points.  

In total, there are nine EV chargers installed, where 18 electric vehicles can charge simultaneously. 

180 kilowatt fast charger

PowerGo contributes to the service for all visitors, with 100% green energy from solar parks of Dutch origin. Jos de Kruif, commercial manager at soccer club Willem II: “Driving electric becomes increasingly popular. The fact that we can respond to this in cooperation with Bonheur Horeca Group, logistic company DHL, PowerGo and PowerGo’s partner Ecotap is therefore very important, as well as providing this service to our sponsors and guests. It additionally fits well with the ‘Go Green’ goals of our social partner DHL, which makes it a win-win situation for all parties.”  

There is a yew hedge on the parking lot. The needles of this hedge contain a substance that serves a basic raw material for chemotherapy. To collect these needles, the yew hedge is pruned. Therefore, PowerGo placed the charging stations carefully on the parking lot.  

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