Soccer club Nieuw-Buinen 

PowerGo installs charging points at soccer club Nieuw-Buinen in the Netherlands

At soccer club Nieuw-Buinen, PowerGo installed three charging stations, where six electric vehicles can charge at the same time. Since 2021, visitors and residents from the neighbourhood of the soccer club can charge quickly and easily with 100% renewable solar energy.  

Parent company PowerField supported the soccer club in 2020 in their wish to become more sustainable. Nearby the soccer club, PowerField was developing two solar parks. At first, it did not seem possible to place solar panels on the roof of the soccer club, because of grid congestion. There was an insufficient amount of grid capacity available in the area. By installing a small-scale consumer connection, financial support, and technical advice, PowerField made it possible to realise the plans after all. Since 2021, the soccer club additionally benefits from the PowerGo charging stations. 

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