Since 2022, PowerGo provides Hubbel’s electric vehicles with sustainable and smart charging infrastructure.

In various Dutch cities, Hubbel’s electric vehicles deliver 100% emission-free from their own ‘City Hubs’. The electric vehicles charge with 100% green electricity at PowerGo’s charging stations.

Sustainable transport

The City Hubs provide smart and clean transport in various cities, with fully electric deliveries. Rotterdam (the Netherlands) is the first City Hub that is equipped with charging solutions. In the City Hub in The Hague (the Netherlands), both fast charging stations (DC) and AC charging stations will be installed. PowerGo will also provide the electric fleet in other new Hubbel locations with a sustainable and smart charging hub in the nearby future. This way of fleet charging is an important part of PowerGo.

Rinse van der Woude, Head of Innovation at Hubbel: “PowerGo prevents so called ‘charging poverty’ for Hubbel and our customers. The availability of sufficient and smart use of charging infrastructure is essential for the deployability of the fast-growing fleet of electric vehicles. PowerGo completely unburdens Hubbel and therefore fits well with our DNA.”

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