In 2021, HelloFresh selected PowerGo as Charge Point Operator (CPO) for her electric vehicles

HelloFresh is an international operating company that delivers meal boxes at home. PowerGo started the construction of fast-charging stations at all delivery hubs in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2021. At PowerGo’s fast-charging stations, HelloFresh’s electric vehicles can charge with 100% solar energy from Dutch soil. Together, HelloFresh and PowerGo are exploring the options for further expansion in these and other countries in Europe, so that HelloFresh can deliver everywhere emission-free.

The fast-charging stations are controlled by smart charging software. In terms of time and money, charging can be done as efficiently as possible, by determining the right charging rate at the right time. This allows HelloFresh’s electric vehicles to charge quickly and leave on time to deliver their dinner boxes.  

In this way, PowerGo makes it possible for HelloFresh to invest in the vehicles and leave the management of charging infrastructure to the specialist PowerGo. This way of fleet charging is a key component within PowerGo. 

HelloFresh Laadpalen van PowerGo
HelloFresh Laadpalen van PowerGo

Future-proof and dynamic solution 

PowerGo values circularity and flexibility. Therefore, the fast-charging stations at HelloFresh’s are equipped future-proof. Charging stations, and most other components of a project, can be reused in another project in the future. Thereby, the fast-charging hubs are easy to scale up and down when needed. A busbar trunking system allows PowerGo to transport the entire connection capacity across the locations.  

In addition, charging is based on the current EPEX/APX electricity price. The prices for charging at PowerGo’s fast chargers are linked to the current market price. This dynamic charging system ensures charging during the ‘cheapest hours’ of the day.  

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