Coral Estate

In 2022, PowerGo installed the fastest charging station of the ABC islands

The Coral Estate resort on Curaçao is the first to have a 60-kilowatt fast charging station for electric vehicles.  

In this area, electric vehicles are used for tourists as well as for employees and residents. Besides Coral Estate, PowerGo is planning on providing more locations with a fast charger on the ABC islands. This way, electric vehicles can charge easily and fast. 

“To welcome guests from all over the world at our resort and to keep up with the contemporary developments, it is of great importance to expand services by all means”, says Claire Groeneveld of Coral Estate Rentals. “By doing so, we optimise not only the experience of our guests, but additionally contribute to a more sustainable world.” 





Claire Groeneveld (Coral Estate Rentals) and Jean-Louis Bertholet (PowerGo)

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