31 August 2023

PowerGo starts installation of charging points in Gladsaxe and Vejen

PowerGo has started the realization of public charging points in the Danish municipalities Gladsaxe and Vejen.

The municipality of Vejen is located in the south of Denmark. Here, 84 charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) will be installed, with a capacity of 22 kilowatts. Gladsaxe is a municipality close to Copenhagen. PowerGo installs 54 charging points of 22 kilowatts here, along with one fast charger of 600 kilowatts. The fast charger can be used by four cars simultaneously, with a maximum capacity of 400 kilowatts per charging point. Providing charging points for EVs in the municipalities, makes charging easier for EV drivers and stimulates residents to choose for electric transportation.

PowerGo is the Charge Point Operator of all charging stations and uses the EV charging platform of Danish partner Spirii to deploy, manage and operate the charging points. At the PowerGo chargers, users charge with 100% certified renewable energy. The PowerGo Charge app gives users easy access to charging and payment options.

Expanding the public charging network

Since the end of 2022, PowerGo has won a total of sixteen tenders for the installation of public charging points in Denmark. All projects and details will be announced soon.

Gladsaxe and Vejen are one of the first municipalities where PowerGo rolls out a public charging network. “PowerGo is very excited to take these next steps in the realization of the public charging points in Denmark”, explains Ivo van Dam, Chief Technology Officer at PowerGo. “This marks a big milestone in our ambitions to roll out a big sustainable charging network in Europe. We help Danish municipalities prepare for the future and get closer to achieving their sustainability goals.”

PowerGo Chargers Gladsaxe/Vejen
PowerGo Chargers Gladsaxe/Vejen

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