17 June 2024

PowerGo opens ultra fast charger with unique battery storage system in the Netherlands

The electricity grid in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly full and in many places even overloaded. PowerField and PowerGo are busy implementing customized solutions in areas with grid congestion. This includes Restaurant De Zingende Wielen in Den Oever (North Holland), where PowerGo has installed a unique fast charging solution for electric vehicles (EVs) of 240 kilowatts (kW), combined with a 600 kilowatt-hour battery. To celebrate the commissioning, EV drivers can temporarily charge here with a 20% discount.

At PowerGo, EV drivers charge with 100% solar energy from the solar parks of parent company PowerField. In areas with grid congestion, PowerField and PowerGo are looking for customized solutions, such as energy storage through batteries. 

Restaurant De Zingende Wielen has been a popular spot for all kinds of travelers for many years and now also offers space for innovation. It is an ideal charging location for EV drivers traveling to and from the island Texel, as well as for international traffic. The location is also easily accessible from the highway A7.


The 240 kW fast charger with the 600 kWh battery in the background

Smart solution thanks to energy storage 

Due to severe grid congestion, no transport capacity is available in the province of North Holland. The waiting time for connections suitable for fast chargers differs between one and a half and two years. In Den Oever, the waiting time has even risen to four years. To make fast charging possible, PowerGo has installed a charging station combined with a 600 kilowatt-hour battery. For comparison, this allows about ten Volkswagen ID.3s to be fully charged without using the electricity grid. The battery temporarily stores energy to be used for a later charging session. This relieves the electricity grid at peak moments and allows it to meet charging needs at other times. Since March 2024, two EVs can charge here simultaneously with a maximum of 240 kW. 

Sustainable fast charging with discount     

Through dynamic pricing, customers have access to fair and transparent charging prices based on the hourly electricity price. This also helps the electricity grid by encouraging customers to charge when more and cleaner energy is available. Charging is cheaper at those times. The PowerGo Charge app gives users access to these dynamic prices.   

To celebrate the commissioning, EV drivers can charge at De Zingende Wielen with a 20% discount until July 31. For more information about the discount, click here.

“To continue supporting the energy transition, innovative solutions are needed. With PowerField, we provide the generation and storage of solar energy. At the same time, we aim to ensure that this collaborates as efficiently as possible with using this solar energy. We use PowerGo’s fast charging stations for this purpose. This way, we coordinate production and storage to eventually optimize it for the grid. The realization of this project was very complex. We are therefore extra proud that, despite the grid congestion in North Holland, we were able to realize a unique fast charging solution.”

Ivo van Dam, Chief Technology Officer of PowerField and PowerGo

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