7 January 2022

PowerGo installs fastest charging station of the ABC islands

PowerGo recently installed the fastest charging station of the ABC islands on Curaçao. The Coral Estate resort on Curaçao is the first to be equipped with a 60-kilowatt fast charger for electric cars, which will be taken into use this week.

PowerGo is always looking for locations to roll out its charging infrastructure on the ABC islands. The first location was found on the luxury resort Coral Estate west of Willemstad on Curaçao, where electric cars are used by both tourists and employees. Next to to Coral Estate, PowerGo plans to provide more locations with a 60kW fast charging station, which will charge electric cars in no time.

‘To welcome guests from all over the world to our resort and to keep up with current developments, it is of great importance to expand this service in every possible way at our resort.’, says Claire Groeneveld of Coral Estate Rentals. Claire continues: ‘In this way we not only optimize the experience of our guests, but we also contribute to a sustainable world.’

The Dutch company PowerGo has set itself the goal of realizing more than 5000 fast charging points throughout Europe (and the ABC islands) within 2 years. Many projects have already been completed together with Ecotap, supplier of the hardware for the charging stations, such as at HelloFresh and TopParken. In the meantime, more than 500 fast charging points are on order and PowerGo is ready for a large-scale rollout of charging points.

PowerGo has offices in the Netherlands and Spain and is working on developments and rollouts in Germany, Belgium and France and now also Curaçao. In addition, PowerGo wants to develop a complete carport with solar panels in collaboration with parent company PowerField in order to link the generation of solar energy to the consumption of the charging infrastructure.

Claire Groeneveld en Jean-Louis Bertholet

Claire Groeneveld (Coral Estate Rentals) and Jean-Louis Bertholet (PowerGo)