22 November 2022

PowerGo finds solution in overloaded power grid in the Netherlands 

The electricity grid in the Netherlands is becoming increaslingly crowded and in many places even overloaded. PowerGo is busy thinking of solutions for this problem. At restaurant ‘De Zingende Wielen’ in the province of North Holland, PowerGo did not only came up with a solution for the connection size, but also found an active solution to the scarcity on the power grid. This kind of future-proof solution is first of its kind in the Netherlands.  

The rapid developments in the Netherlands result in an explosive demand for electricity, causing a major scarcity on the power grid. For example, in the area of ‘De Zingende Wielen’, there is no transmission capacity available. According to the grid operator, it will probably take several years before space is available again.  

Solution with energy storage 

PowerGo will install a 240-kilowatt fast charging station at restaurant ‘De Zingende Wielen’. Two cars can charge simultaneously at this charging station, while normally this station could not be connected to the electricity grid. Here, PowerGo has found a solution by installing a battery on a small connection. This 700-kilowatt-hour battery will store sustainably generated energy. This way, the power grid is less overloaded at peak times, can meet the needs at off-peak moments and offer drivers of electric vehicles a super fast charging speed. This solution is first of its kind in the Netherlands.  

PowerGo is the subsidiary of solar park developer PowerField. Since 2020, PowerField has been selecting locations for energy storage. Ivo van Dam, Creative Technology Officer: “To continue supporting the energy transition, creative solutions are needed. For example, we were the first in the Netherlands to enter into a time-based contract with grid operator Enexis. We aim to ensure that the generation and energy storage of solar energy works together as efficient as possible with gaining this solar energy. We use PowerGo’s fast charging stations for this purpose. In this way, we coordinate production and storage to eventually optimize it for the grid.’’ 

Fast charging with solar power 

In this way, charging with 100% sustainable solar energy from Dutch soil will soon be possible at ‘De Zingende Wielen’. It is an ideal location for drivers of electric vehicles travelling to and from the island Texel, and also for international traffic. Charging the electric vehicle can be combined with a drink and bite at the restaurant. ‘De Zingende Wielen’ has been a popular spot for travellers for many years, and now also offers space for innovation. The fast charger and the battery are expected to be in operation by the end of 2022.  

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