27 December 2022

PowerGo’s 2022

The end of 2022 is near, and so we would like to look back at last year. We’re proud of the steps we took in the past period, and are happy to take you through our innovative annual overview!

PowerGo expands in Europe

In 2022, a lot of international projects came our way. For instance, PowerGo installed the fastest charging station in the ABC Islands and we realised fast chargers at Feria de Abril, the biggest festival in Seville in Spain. It has also become possible to charge electric cars in Belgium at PowerGo’s fast chargers.

We additionally entered into a great partnership with the international charging platform Spirii to enable a rapid expansion of the charging network across Europe. With this, we offer simple, smart charging solutions for all electric car drivers in Europe.

Together with Spirii, we won several tenders for the installation of charging stations in Denmark last year. A great amount of charging points will be installed in the municipalities of Vejle, Vejen, Gladsaxe and Ikast-Brande. These are PowerGo’s first projects in Denmark.

PowerGo laadpalen

120 kilowatt fast charging stations in Belgium

Charging solutions in a congested energy grid

Last year, PowerGo found a solution in the congested energy grid in the Netherlands. At restaurant ‘De Zingende Wielen’, PowerGo came up with a solution for the connection size. PowerGo has also found an active solution to the scarcity on the power grid. By installing a 700 kilowatt-hour battery, sustainably generated energy can be stored. In this way, the power grid becomes less overloaded at peak times, can meet demand at off-peak times and offer drivers of electric cars a very high charging rate. This future-proof solution is a first in the Netherlands.

Valuable partnerships

Jumbo and La Place

Last year, the Dutch supermarket Jumbo started realising fast charging stations for electric cars at Jumbo shops in the Netherlands and Belgium and at La Place restaurants. Customers can combine their restaurant visit with charging their electric car.


In Hoofddorp, visitors of the gym Basic-Fit have been able to use several PowerGo fast charging stations since spring 2022. As a result of this pilot, other Basic-Fit locations are also being investigated.


Visitors to amusement park Madurodam have been able to charge their electric cars easily and quickly since spring 2022. In cooperation with PowerGo, the car parks have been equipped with the first charging points.


PowerGo also started working with Crisp in 2022; the supermarket app for fresh food. At a number of delivery hubs in the Netherlands and Belgium, PowerGo has realised charging solutions for the online supermarket’s electric logistics vehicles through Fleet Charging.

New locations for easy, quick and sustainable charging 

PowerGo has also entered into valuable partnerships with the parties listed below, and the following locations have been provided with charging solutions by 2022:

  • Coral Estate (Curaçao); 
  • Feria de Abril (Spain); 
  • UplandParcs Winterberg (Germany); 
  • TopParken; 
  • Koning Willem II Stadium; 
  • Municipality of Deventer; 
  • De Noorman Lauwersoog;  
  • Hotel Zwanenburg; 
  • De Watersnip; 
  • Marina den Oever; 
  • Holiday park IJsselhof Andijk; 
  • ‘t Wapen van Exloo; 
  • Autobedrijf van der Molen; 
  • Restaurette Schierzicht; 
  • Brouwhotel Parkzicht en The Ranch; 
  • Stichting het Drentse Landschap; 
  • HyTeps; 
  • Solar park Oppenhuizen. 

More information about these locations can be found in our portfolio.  

PowerGo laadpalen bij Basic-Fit Hoofddorp

Impression of the PowerGo charging stations at Basic-Fit

PowerGo laadpalen

Fast charging stations at solar park Oppenhuizen of PowerField

PowerGo Laadpalen bij Schierzicht Lauwersoog

Charging stations at Schierzicht Lauwersoog

Jumbo PowerGo

Impression of the charging stations at Jumbo

1,000,000 kilowatt hours

PowerGo also delivered its 1,000,000th kilowatt hour in 2022. This milestone was reached within a year of installing the first PowerGo charging station! With this number of kilowatt-hours, you can drive 3 to 5 million sustainable kilometres. Meanwhile, this number has inceased to 4.600.000 kilowatt hours!

Charging with solar energy

As a subsidiary of PowerField, all electricity from PowerGo’s charging stations comes 100% from Dutch solar energy, to ensure more sustainable energy consumption and to support the energy transition.

New employees

PowerField and subsidiary PowerGo have made great strides in the development of renewable energy in the past year. For this reason, we were able to expand our team and welcomed the following employees:

  • Heino Buikema: Asset Manager PowerField  
  • Monique Nuis-van der Hoeven: HR Manager PowerField and PowerGo 
  • Loïs Meussen: Marketing and Communications PowerField and PowerGo 
  • Jur Broertjes: Sales Manager PowerGo 
  • Bram Vredevoort: Project Manager PowerGo 
  • Sebastiaan de Jong: Asset Manager PowerGo 
  • Niels Hoving: Project Manager PowerGo
  • Gijs Poorthuis: Sales Manager PowerGo 
  • Òscar Cardoner i Campi: Sales Manager PowerGo Spain
  • Carlos Diaz González: Sales Manger PowerGo Spain
  • Mercedes Herreros Gómez: Administrations PowerGo Spain


We hope for an innovative year in 2023, with a lot of (international) projects on the horizon. Our ambition is to realise a large public charging network across Europe.

We proudly look back on 2022 and wish everyone a happy 2023!

For parent company PowerField it was additionally a great year. Read PowerField’s annual overview here: PowerField’s 2022.