14 March 2024

PLUS and PowerGo provide supermarkets with fast chargers  

PowerGo and supermarket chain PLUS entered into a partnership to realize fast charging stations at PLUS supermarkets in the Netherlands. This allows drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) to charge quickly and easily with 100% solar energy.

PowerGo installs fast chargers from 50 to 320 kilowatts (kW), so the EV is fully charged after a visit to the supermarket. At every location, PowerGo provides a customized charging solution, considering different factors such as customer parking behavior, space, and environment.   

Sustainable fast charging with dynamic prices  

Because of the congested electricity network in the Netherlands, PowerGo installs charging stations with an integrated battery system in areas with grid congestion. The fast charger temporarily stores energy to be used for a later charging session. This relieves the electricity grid at peak moments and allows it to meet charging needs at other times. PowerGo also installs fast charging stations equipped with touchscreen screens, on which customers can easily access information about charging and payment. These charging stations offer additional communication and advertising opportunities for PLUS.     

Through dynamic pricing, customers have access to fair and transparent charging prices based on the hourly electricity price. This also helps the electricity grid by encouraging customers to charge when more and cleaner energy is available. Charging is cheaper at those times. The PowerGo Charge app gives users access to these dynamic prices.  

Charging points PLUS

Impression of the fast chargers at PLUS

Fast charging station PLUS

Fast chargers equipped with screens

First charging locations  

PowerGo installs the first fast chargers at about 20 PLUS supermarkets throughout the Netherlands. More locations will be explored, and PLUS entrepreneurs can also connect to the partnership. PLUS in Klazienaveen will be the first location: here PowerGo installs a 320 kW fast charger with a battery system. Customers will be able to charge their car here before summer.

Ivo van Dam, Chief Technology Officer of PowerGo: “We are looking forward to making this important contribution to the expansion of a sustainable fast charging network together with PLUS. At PowerGo, EVs charge with 100% solar energy. We put our customer first, making electric driving more attractive, easier and more sustainable for everyone.” 

Björn Bertrand, Property & Development Director of PLUS: “As a supermarket, our sustainability ambitions are not only reflected in the products we sell, we also focus on our own operations. For example, the roofs of new PLUS distribution centers in Oss and Deventer are full of solar panels and we are designing our stores to be increasingly energy efficient. As a supermarket, we are at the center of society and installing charging stations at stores is the next great step. By collaborating with PowerGo to provide our parking lots with fast chargers, customers at PLUS can easily charge their car while shopping. In this way PLUS offers an extra service and together with customers we are on the way to a more sustainable future.” 

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