21 July 2022

One year of charging stations at AG EMS

The terminal area of ​​the Eemshaven – Borkum ferry service has had seven PowerGo charging points since July last year. The demand for charging points in the Eemshaven has increased significantly recently. The ferry service AG EMS Borkumlijn entered into a partnership with PowerGo in 2021. There are three charging stations in the parking lot, where six cars can charge simultaneously. There is also a 60-kilowatt fast charging station on the ‘short-term parking’ section.

AG EMS laadpaal

The three 22 kilowatt charging points, where six cars can charge simultaneously

Important service for the customer

Rolf Bouwman is deputy director of AG EMS Netherlands. “The charging stations have been here for about a year now. This suits very well. It is ideal for people travelling to Borkum. They can park and charge their electric car here during their visit.” Not only visitors to the island of Borkum use the charging stations, but also people who work at or visit the Eemshaven. “The fast charger is widely used. People come here to recharge, have something to eat or drink and can then continue straight away. The charging stations are an important service for our customers.” The location has the northernmost fast charging points in the Netherlands.

PowerGo’s own grid connection

In 2021, it was difficult for the grid operator to provide PowerGo’s own grid connection. Ultimately, it would take more than a year to realize this grid connection. That is why PowerGo first used the AG EMS grid connection. Since June this year, PowerGo has been able to realize its own connection and connect the charging stations to it. “Looking back, it’s great that we were able to solve it this way. For a year, we were able to better facilitate our customers with these charging stations,” says Rolf Bouwman. Should the demand for charging stations on the AG EMS site increase further, the number of charging points could be expanded significantly in the future.

AG EMS laadpaal
Laadpaal AG EMS

The 60 kilowatt fast charger

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