13 July 2021

Northernmost fast charging point in the Netherlands put into operation

The terminal area of the Eemshaven – Borkum ferry service, owned by shipping company AG EMS Borkumlijn, has seven car charging points since this week. There are six charging points in the car park with a loading capacity of 22 KW. Near the terminal building is a fast charger with a capacity of 60 KW. This fast charger can not only be used by travelers who take their electric car to the island of Borkum and want to charge it quickly, but also by the passer-by who visits Eemshaven or uses the terrace on the ferry terminal.

Because the range of the newer generation of electric vehicles is increasing, the demand for charging options in Eemshaven is also increasing. Ag Ems has therefore decided to enter into a partnership with charging station operator PowerGo. Should the demand for charging stations on the terminal site increase further, the number of charging points could be significantly expanded in the future.

The Dutch company PowerGo has set itself the goal of having realized more than 5000 (fast) charging points throughout Europe within 2 years. The first step was taken at the beginning of this year, with a fast charging point at PowerField’s solar park in Emmen. PowerGo guarantees that the electricity supplied comes 100% from the self-generated solar energy. In the meantime, more than 500 fast charging points are on order and PowerGo is ready for large-scale roll-out of charging points.

AG EMS PowerGo