31 March 2022

Jumbo and PowerGo install fast chargers at supermarkets and La Place restaurants

This year, Jumbo will start installing fast charging stations for electric cars at Jumbo stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and at La Place restaurants. Customers can then combine a visit to a shop or restaurant with charging their electric car. In addition, customers save points while charging. Jumbo will install another 150 charging points this year in collaboration with PowerGo. In time, a large part of the Jumbo and La Place locations will be equipped with charging points. Jumbo is making an important contribution to the energy transition in the Netherlands with the installation of the charging stations.

PowerGo Jumbo

Impression of the fast charging station at a Jumbo supermarket

In the coming years, many charging points for electric cars will have to be installed in the Netherlands in order to meet the increasing demand. Jumbo considers it natural to contribute to this. Douwe Snel, director Franchise & Real Estate at Jumbo: “We are continuously taking steps to make our business operations and buildings more sustainable and see it as a responsibility to reduce our CO2 emissions. At the same time, we want to help customers adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, so that we can make a difference together. By offering charging facilities, we contribute to making electric driving more accessible.”

Dutch solar energy

PowerGo will install the fast chargers for Jumbo with connections for at least two electric cars throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Jean-Louis Bertholet, CEO PowerGo: “To achieve the sustainability ambitions, many fast chargers will be needed in the coming years for the growing number of electric cars. Together with Jumbo, we are taking a major step towards a nationwide network. It concerns sustainably generated electricity that also comes entirely from Dutch solar energy.”

Extras for customers

While charging the electric car, Jumbo customers save points for Jumbo Extras. Customers can exchange these points for discounts on groceries, subscriptions and days out. Also useful: the charging time is exactly equal to the average time that the customer spends in the Jumbo store. As a result, in many cases the car is charged as soon as the shopping has been done.

Jumbo PowerGo
Jumbo PowerGo

About PowerGo

As a subsidiary of PowerField, PowerGo guarantees that 100% of the electricity comes from Dutch solar energy, in order to ensure more sustainable energy consumption and to support the energy transition. Together with ecotap, supplier of the hardware, many projects have already been completed. Charging solutions for all drivers of electric cars and green energy is a big part of PowerGo’s ambition.