5 August 2021

HelloFresh enters into partnership with PowerGo

HelloFresh has selected PowerGo as the CPO (Charge Point Operator) for its electric vehicles. PowerGo will initially build fast charging squares at 13 hubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Each hub will have around 1700 kW of charging capacity and will ensure that HelloFresh’s electric fleet can go on the road emission-free. PowerGo and HelloFresh are also investigating further expansion in other countries.

In this way, PowerGo makes it possible for HelloFresh to invest in the vehicles and to place the business operations of charging infrastructure with the specialist. The hubs are smartly controlled by the use of fast chargers, so that the vehicles can charge on time. With this, PowerGo, together with the solar parks and energy storage, creates a so-called virtual power plant, so that the total electricity grid is less burdened.

The Dutch company PowerGo has set itself the goal of having realized more than 5000 fast charging points throughout Europe within 2 years. The first step was taken at the beginning of this year, with a fast charging point at PowerField’s solar park in Emmen. PowerGo guarantees that the electricity supplied comes 100% from the self-generated solar energy. In the meantime, more than 500 fast charging points are on order and PowerGo is ready for large-scale roll-out of charging points.

PowerGo now has branches in the Netherlands and Spain and is working on developments and roll-out in Germany, Belgium and France, among others. A further number of large collaborations will be announced in the coming period.

Photos: HelloFresh Diemen and Nieuwegein (The Netherlands)

HelloFresh laadpalen
PowerGo laadpalen bij HelloFresh
HelloFresh laadpalen