28 April 2022

Green racing on the PowerField E-circuit

Together with Electric Superbike Twente and Green Team Twente, the E-circuit is back in use at solar park Emmen (the Netherlands). Solar panels have been built on the nearly 2-kilometer-long dike on the PowerField E-circuit. A carport with solar panels has been constructed on the site, with space for more than 200 vehicles. A PowerGo fast charging point has also been installed, where cars can charge directly on solar energy. The aim is to realize the most sustainable circuit in the world here.

The Green Team Twente designs and builds one of the most economical hydrogen cars, which will soon be racing on the track. Electric Superbike Twente started test races on the E-circuit in April. This student team designs and builds electric motors. Last week, two brand new racing bikes were presented. Previous teams started developing and building these engines. This year, the engines both went through an optimization process to prepare them for the upcoming racing season in which the team will compete in multiple races.

E-circuit Emmen Zonnepark PowerField
E-circuit Emmen Zonnepark PowerField

Brand new motors

The bikes with which the Electric Superbike Twente (EST) team will take to the race track this year are the Apex-RS and the Delta-XE. The third EST team started developing the first of the two engines, the Apex-RS, two years ago. With 120 hp, the Apex reaches a top speed of 250 km/h. The fourth EST team started developing the Delta-XE last year. The specifications of this engine go one step further. This engine achieves 220 hp and therefore a speed of more than 300 km/h.

To achieve these speeds, both engines underwent an optimization process this year. There was a lot of work to be done in the field of powertrain, the propulsion of the engine. For example, the battery pack of the Delta-XE was upgraded, the current team replaced all high-voltage cables and connectors in the engines, and they also implemented a Vehicle Status Indicator Light (VSIL) on both engines. In terms of chassis, the mechanical part of the engine, this included an improvement of the cooling loops of both engines and the implementation of steering dampers. The look of both bikes changed completely with a brand-new livery.

From test day to race day

Both engines underwent several tests this year. These tests took place on the dynamometer of Ten Kate Racing Products in Nieuwleusen, on the TT-Circuit of Assen, the E-circuit in Emmen and even across the border at the Jules Tacheny Circuit in Mettet, Belgium. The ultimate goal of these tests is to fully prepare the engines for the racing season. Electric Superbike Twente is participating in four races this year. Two of these races are part of the International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) and take place at the Varsselring in Hengelo and the Imatra Circuit in Finland. The other two races are part of the International Dutch Championship and are both held on the TT-Circuit of Assen. In addition to the races, the EST team will be present at the Jack’s Racing Day event. During these races and this event, the team hopes to show the potential of the engines and put electric racing on the map.

E-circuit Emmen Zonnepark PowerField

The origin of the team

Electric Superbike Twente is a student team that is involved in the development of fully electrically driven racing motorcycles. The team has now been in existence for five years, with each year taking on a completely new team of students. The first four teams all developed a brand-new engine, after which they opted for a different focus this year, the fifth year. This focus is the optimization of the last two engines developed. The current team made this choice to allow the bikes to cover as many kilometers as possible on the track this year. By doing this, the team shows that sustainable racing can be just as cool and fast as current combustion engine racing. In addition, the team can measure itself again after a long time against its competition. The optimization process of the engines has been made possible by the indispensable help and expertise of about forty partners, who mainly provide parts, knowledge, and financial support.

E-circuit Emmen Zonnepark PowerField

Photos: Jari Schottink and Marel Blumink

Text: Mirjam Davidse

(Electric Superbike Twente)

Photos: solar park Emmen (2021)

Zonnepark Emmen PowerField
Zonnepark Emmen PowerField