Fleet Charging

Fleet Charging

More and more companies are switching to the use of electric vehicles (EVs). As a result, business owners, location owners and fleet operators are faced with new challenges, such as the efficient use of their electric vehicle fleet, charging their electric fleet (fleet charging) and how they can best facilitate transport. 

Charging the electric fleet 

Fleet charging is about recharging the amount of power that batteries of EVs have by connecting them to charging stations of the electric fleet. 

The owner of the electric fleet must take a number of things into account in order to realize a successful charging hub. For example, the number of electric vehicles and how many kilometers they travel. And what kind of (fast) charging stations would be most suitable and where they will be placed. It is also important to plan carefully when the EVs have to charge, and at which charging station they should be placed at that time. 

Fleet and charging management 

All the above matters fall under the management of the electric vehicle fleet. This can be performed by the company itself, but often these tasks are complicated and time consuming. It is therefore possible to choose to have the management performed by the specialist Charge Point Operator (CPO) PowerGo. 

In addition to the above matters, the CPO also monitors the fleet’s activities, the charging infrastructure, the battery condition and the charging needs of the EVs. 

Fleet Charging
Fleet Charging
Fleet Charging

The full fleet charging solution for the location owner 

With the (fast) charging stations from PowerGo, the owner of a location does not have to make an investment. PowerGo can take this entirely at its own expense and risk.   

The charging hub will be realized at the most suitable location. For example at the head office, at a delivery hub or at a strategic location along the route of the electric fleet. Often a mix of charging stations is installed. Sometimes AC charging stations are suitable, sometimes DC charging stations (fast chargers) are better or sometimes a combination of both. 

The charging stations are controlled by smart charging software. In terms of time and money, charging can be done as efficiently as possible, because the right charging speed is determined at the right time. This allows the vehicles to quickly charge on arrival and depart on time. 

PowerGo provides the best maintenance and service experience through 24-hour support and customer support. 

Sustainable charging 

The (fast) charging points of PowerGo are supplied with sustainable solar energy. In this way, a location owner makes an important contribution to the energy transition and CO2 emissions in transport are substantially reduced. An electric fleet with a well-equipped charging hub gives a company a professional image and contributes to a sustainable image. PowerGo offers the location owner co-branded or fully-branded charging stations. In this way, the location can benefit from new branding opportunities and more exposure. 

PowerGo builds and manages the charging hub of the electric fleet. In this way, all worries are taken out of the hands of location owners. PowerGo offers a total solution; everything needed to be able to deploy the electric fleet efficiently and sustainably. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us. 



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