30 August 2022

First PowerGo charging station in Veendam in use

At Hotel Parkzicht in Veendam (North Netherlands), guests can now easily and quickly charge their electric car. In addition to the hotel, the location has a restaurant, a brewing installation, a liquor store and various meeting rooms. The hotel attracts a lot of visitors, which is why PowerGo’s charging solution comes in handy.

Ab Weij is the owner of the hotel. “At a certain point you will get questions from your guests about charging electric cars,” says Ab Weij. ”Of course, there are charging stations further down in the city, but it’s great if you can offer this service to your hotel guests yourself.” Since April, the hotel has a PowerGo charging station of 22 kilowatts. Here, two cars can be charged at the same time. “And it is already being used a lot!”

Ab Weij is also co-owner of The Ranch. This is a Latin American restaurant, located next to a recreation park. Because the realization of the charging solution at the hotel went positively, PowerGo charging stations will also be installed at The Ranch. Three 30 kilowatt charging stations will be installed here, with the possibility of expansion. For visitors, this is an ideal location to recharge the car during a walk or bike ride, or during a visit to the recreation park or The Ranch.

PowerGo chargers

The PowerGo charging station at Brouwhotel Parkzicht in Veendam

No worries and charging with green energy

With PowerGo’s (fast) charging stations, entrepreneurs or location owners do not have to make their own investment. PowerGo takes this at its own expense and risk. The charging stations have their own connection, outside the meter box. In addition, there is a fee per kilowatt hour. All care is taken out of the hands of the location owner, including service and maintenance.

As a subsidiary of PowerField, PowerGo guarantees that 100% of the electricity comes from solar parks on Dutch soil. In this way, PowerGo ensures that users can charge their car quickly and sustainably. Charging solutions for all drivers of electric cars, together with green energy, are a big part of PowerGo’s ambition. Feel free to contact us for more information.

PowerGo chargers