4 December 2020

First energy for E-circuit Emmen

The E-circuit at the Veenakkers in Emmen (Pottendijk) delivered its first energy on November 24, 2020.

Technical data

The installation consists of 10,868 panels of 440 Watt each. It can provide electricity for 1250 households annually. The first shovel has also been put in the ground for the next phase, a carport system. This carport system will be built in the coming months and will consist of 2862 panels with 445 Watts each, enough for another 330 households per year.

Double use of space

The solar installation is built on an almost 2 km long dike. The construction of this dike and the installation of the solar panels have been a huge challenge. These challenging circumstances have taught us a lot about this application of dual use of space. Because of this and the carport under construction, this project is really a testing ground for techniques that we need to apply double use of space.

Charging on solar power as well

In December or January, a fast charging point of 60 kW will also be realized just outside the park, so that the inhabitants of Emmen and surroundings can charge directly on solar power here.

Future E-circuit

It is expected that the entire installation will be ready in February 2021. That will immediately be the starting signal to shape the operation of the E-circuit.