13 September 2022

Fast charging at Corda Campus in Belgium

At Corda Campus, the leading technology campus in Hasselt, EV drivers can now charge their electric car super-fast on 24 fast-chargers from seven different charging operators, making this fast-charging plaza a unique testing ground and first of its kind in Europe. The PowerGo fast-charging stations of 120 kilowatts are part of this.

The fast-charging plaza was inaugurated on September 12 by the Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works Lydia Peeters. Corda Campus selected seven different providers: both small and large players, with both national and international character. A total of 24 charging stations have been installed, offering EV drivers to have their electric car charged up to 90 percent within just 20-30 minutes.

PowerGo laadpalen
Laadpaal Corda Campus

Easy fast charging

The realization of the fast-chargers in Hasselt is a unique and important milestone for the international Charge Point Operator (CPO) PowerGo as part of their ambition to deploy a large public charging network across Europe. It is the first project in Belgium with public fast chargers and thanks to the fast service provided by installer NL Mobility, visitors and residents can now easily charge at the DC120 charging stations from the hardware supplier Ecotap. The EV-charging platform Spirii provides a simple and smart charging and payment experience for the EV driver. With the Spirii Go app EV drivers can easily access the chargers from PowerGo and pay via various payment options. Up-to-date features and user-friendly technology is central to this service.