Dynamic prices at PowerGo

Through dynamic pricing, PowerGo offers fair charging prices to drivers of electric vehicles (EVs). This enables a more advantageous charging tariff and encourages sustainable charging. The PowerGo Charge app gives users insight into the prices for the upcoming hours.

Dynamic charging prices

Dynamic prices are the tariffs for charging EVs which can vary every hour. At PowerGo, charging costs are linked to the EPEX (European Power Exchange), a European wholesale market where electricity is traded. These electricity prices can vary hourly, based on Europe’s real-time electricity supply and demand. Energy prices are lower when the demand is low, or when the electricity is in surplus. Higher tariffs occur when the demand is high or when there is a limited supply of electricity.

PowerGo Charge app
PowerGo charger in Gladsaxe

Helping the electricity grid

The electricity grid in gets overloaded in many places; often there is a surplus of energy. This so-called grid congestion occurs when there is more supply than demand for electricity.

At times when the demand for electricity is high, this electricity is often generated by polluting sources such as coal and gas. When energy demand is low and production is high, electricity is often produced by renewable energy sources.

Smarter use of green energy

PowerField, parent organisation of PowerGo, wants to ensure that the generation and storage of renewable energy collaborates as closely as possible with its consumption. By creating a Virtual Power Plant (see image), PowerField and PowerGo want to ensure that the energy grid does not get overloaded at peak times and can still meet demand at off-peak times.

Through dynamic prices, PowerGo encourages EV drivers to charge when there is plenty and cleaner energy available. Charging at those times is cheaper. In addition, at PowerGo EV drivers charge with 100% sustainable energy. This reduces CO2 emissions while helping to prevent overloading the electricity grid.

Users can access these dynamic prices through the PowerGo Charge app. The app shows the dynamic tariff for the upcoming hours at PowerGo’s charging points. As a result, users always know at what time of day charging is most advantageous.

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Virtual Power Plant

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