2 November 2023

Charging solutions for Parques Reunidos Group in Spain

PowerGo provides theme parks Aquopolis, Selwo Aventura, Parque Warner and Faunia with a total of 146 charging points. Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) charge here with 100% renewable energy.

The four theme parks belong to Parques Reunidos Group, a leading worldwide leisure park operator. The collaboration with Parques Reunidos Group is one of PowerGo’s largest projects in Spain. PowerGo allows visitors to easily charge their EVs while spending the day at the theme park.


PowerGo has provided Villanueva de la Cañada’s water park Aquopolis with fourteen 22-kilowatt AC charging points. These charging points are located in a public parking area and are ready to use.

Selwo Aventura

At Selwo Aventura, an amusement park and zoo in Estepona, PowerGo has installed twelve 22-kilowatt AC chargers. These chargers are also up and running.

Parque Warner

PowerGo installs 86 AC charging points of 22 kilowatts at amusement park Parque Warner in Madrid. These charging points are expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2024.


At Faunia, a zoo and botanical garden in Madrid, PowerGo installs 34 22-kilowatt AC charging points. These charging points are also expected to become operational early next year.

Charging solutions for Parques Reunidos Group in Spain
Parques Reunidos Group locations PowerGo

Sustainable charging 

‘’We are very pleased with the charging solutions, offering an extra facility to our visitors’’, says Marc Ruiz Guevara, Project Manager at Parques Reunidos Group. ‘’It is a great advantage for us that PowerGo provides the investment of the charging infrastructure and facilitates the entire process.’’ 

‘’At PowerGo, we prioritize sustainable and accessible charging with green energy. Our charging solutions bring benefits to both the theme parks and the visitors. PowerGo takes all worries out of hands for the location owners’’, explains Alberto Antón, Project Manager Spain at PowerGo. ‘’We are very happy with the collaboration, where we contribute to the rollout of the charging network and to PowerGo’s ambition to become one of the leading Charge Point Operators in Europe.’’ 

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