15 November 2022

Fleet Charging

With the growing deployment of electric vehicles (EVs), business and location owners are facing new challenges: how to efficiently deploy their electric fleet, how to provide the best transportation, and how to charge their electric fleet (fleet charging).    

Charging the electric fleet

Fleet Charging is about supplementing the amount of power the batteries of EVs have, which is done by connecting them to electric fleet charging stations.   

Do you own an electric fleet? Then there are several things to consider. What is the number of electric vehicles? How many miles do they cover? What types of charging stations are most suitable and where will they be located? Also, proper planning is important, by considering when the EVs should be charged and at which charging station they should be located.

CPO PowerGo as a manager of the fleet and the charging station  

All of these issues concern the management of the electric vehicle fleet. Since this is often time-consuming and complicated, PowerGo is happy to help the location owner with this.

By fulfilling the role of Charge Point Operator (CPO) and taking over these tasks, PowerGo allows electric fleet management to run smoothly. Additionally, PowerGo oversees fleet operations, battery status, charging needs and charging infrastructure.   

Fleet Charging
Fleet Charging

What does fleet charging with PowerGo mean for the location owner?

With PowerGo’s (fast) charging stations, the location owner does not have to make any investment himself. PowerGo takes care of this completely for its own account and risk. The charging station is realized at the most suitable location, for example at the headquarters, at a delivery hub or at a strategic location along the route of the electric fleet.

Often a mix of charging stations is then installed, depending on which charging station is suitable for the location. Sometimes so-called AC charging stations are suitable, sometimes DC charging stations (fast chargers) fit better, and sometimes a combination of both is ideal. The charging stations are then controlled by smart charging software, which determines the right charging speed at the right time. This results in the most efficient charging in terms of time and money. Vehicles can charge quickly upon arrival and leave on time.   

Fleet Charging

Sustainability is key

With the energy generated from solar parks, PowerGo supplies the (fast) charging points with power. This way, the location owner makes an important contribution to the energy transition and CO2 emissions in transport are substantially reduced.

The electric fleet with a well-equipped charging station gives a company a professional image. In addition, it contributes to a company’s sustainable image. PowerGo is happy to offer the location owner co-branded or fully-branded charging stations. This allows the location to benefit from new branding opportunities.

The video below shows an example of Fleet Charging with a fully equipped charging hub from PowerGo.

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