is a 100% European company

PowerGo aims to stimulate eMobility and fast, sustainable charging. The PowerGo fast-charging points are provided with the generated energy from solar parks. This ensures that CO2 emissions in transport will be reduced effectively and substantially.

Supply and demand come together: fast charging points for EVs are provided with sustainable energy. In this way, PowerGo not only makes an important contribution to Europe’s energy transition, but also to the roll-out of a European (fast) charging network. PowerGo has the ambition to become the premiere Charge Point Operators (CPO) in Europe.

PowerGo’s parent company, PowerField, is a Dutch organization that is committed to a sustainable future with solar parks. With a small but highly specialized team, PowerField develops solar parks that generate sustainable energy.


100% Green – 100% Sustainable – 100% European – 100% Traceable

PowerGo (fast) chargers: a full circle solution 

Charging points for EVs have now become indispensable for visitors, customers, or employees of any given location in multiple spheres. Fast charging points will attract new visitors, generate traffic, and increase the loyalty of customers at your location.

With PowerGo’s fast charging points, the owner of a location does not have to make an investment. PowerGo is happy to facilitate an eMobility charging solution at its own expense and risk. And as a location owner, you will benefit from the proceeds from the charging stations as a PowerGo location partner. PowerGo can offer a true and accurate auto-reimbursement solution that is sustained by completely clean and renewable energy, with speed and accuracy. This is one key factor when comparing PowerGo’s capabilities with its competitors, aside from that at PowerGo we source and provide 100% green energy with each of our eMobility solutions.

PowerGo provides a corporate turn-key solution that takes care of everything, including maintenance and service of the locations. It’s a core principle of PowerGo’s business model. PowerGo offers true 24-hour assistance and customer support. Since the charging points and the facilitation of them are the key to success as well as our own, PowerGo makes this an absolute priority. PowerGo offers full provision of current technologies and constantly assess each location to ensure the best eMobility solutions are being implemented to the fleet. PowerGo updates the infrastructures without hesitation to be sure of the best results. Up-to-date and user-friendly technology is central to the services.

Another advantage of utilizing PowerGo’s eMobility solutions is that we are happy to offer co-branded chargers, or even fully branded chargers to our trusted partners. This allows your organization to easily capitalize on more branding opportunities and public exposure in each location.

In addition, PowerGo ensures that locations already meet the standards and demands of a more deeply developed and energy conscious Europe by 2025. With the governments pushing for a more sustainable future closer to reality with the goals of 2025 in mind; it will be obligatory for many parking locations to install, operate and maintain eMobility charge points. More and more cities across Europe have built, begun to build, or have planned for environmental zones to facilitate the continued rapid shift toward total eMobility across Europe.

Projects and partners

PowerGo is one of the largest and fastest growing Charge Point Operators (CPO’s) in Europe. Together with the international charging platform Spirii, PowerGo works continually to enable a rapid expansion of a fast-charging network across Europe. To ensure this rapid expansion, PowerGo has a large and growing network of certified installation partners across Europe to make the future of transportation reality.

Accessibility to charging solutions for every driver of an EV is a top priority for PowerGo. PowerGo is working diligently to realize many new corporate ventures jointly with trusted partners across Europe, with many new and exciting projects on the horizon.

PowerGo is a fast growing CPO (Charge Point Operator) in Europe and led by a small and highly specialized team.

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