Fast, easy and guaranteed green charging, that’s PowerGo. At PowerGo we believe in a future wherein electric driving is the standard. That is why we make the transition to sustainable mobility accessible to everyone.

To achieve this, we work daily on expanding our international charging network. A network that grows rapidly and extends across many different locations. From shopping centres to fleets and industrial estates, in cities and regionally. A network powered by positive pulses of energy, directly from our own solar parks and storage systems. Guaranteed 100% green.

We bring sustainable mobility within reach for everyone. For governments that want to make their municipalities more sustainable. For businesses that want to provide their location with (fast) charging stations. And for the EV driver, so that you can continue your journey recharged.

We also like to make things easy. PowerGo customers can count on our expert services. Support is always close by. We believe it’s important that our customers can focus on what really matters to them. Whether that means smart and sustainable entrepreneurship or being at the schoolyard on time to pick up the kids. Powering forward with PowerGo. Carefree and green.

PowerGo is part of PowerField.

Generation, storage and use of solar energy

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