24 March 2023

A fair price for charging

Electric car drivers often do not know how much they pay when they charge their car at a public charging station. It is also not transparent how charging tariffs are structured. In a few weeks, Charge Point Operator (CPO) PowerGo will start buying energy daily from the wholesale market European Power Exchange (EPEX). As a result, a user will always pay a fair charging price at PowerGo.   

Dynamic prices  

EPEX power prices are the daily prices on the power exchanges in Europe. On the EPEX trading market, energy prices are determined hourly, based on supply and demand. When there is a high supply of (renewable) energy, prices are low, and it is cheaper to charge at one of the PowerGo charging stations at that time. Energy prices vary by the hour, and so do the charging prices. 

Reward for the user  

The electricity grid in the Netherlands gets overloaded in many places; often there is an excess of energy. PowerGo is developing solutions for this. For example, PowerGo will soon install a battery at Restaurant De Zingende Wielen, in combination with a fast charger. This battery will store sustainably generated energy. In this way, the energy grid is less overloaded at peak times, it can meet the demand at off-peak times and offer drivers of electric cars a high charging speed.   

By encouraging electric car drivers to charge at times of an excess of energy, the energy grid is given a helping hand by both PowerGo and the user. As a ‘reward’ for this, the user of a PowerGo charging station pays a lower charging price at that time. Soon, PowerGo will publish these dynamic charging prices for the upcoming hours. Users will always know at what time of the day charging is most advantageous.   


PowerGo stimulates electric mobility and fast and sustainable charging. The PowerGo fast charging stations are powered by sustainable energy from solar parks. In this way, PowerGo not only makes an important contribution to the European energy transition, but also to the rollout of a European (fast) charging network. PowerGo’s ambition is to become one of Europe’s leading Charge Point Operators.   

PowerGo is the subsidiary of PowerField, a Dutch organisation committed to a sustainable future with solar parks.